From The Eyes of a Beginner

By Kristopher Inting


I have been practicing Kendo for more than ten years now. While I am no expert at this by any stretch of the imagination, it is easy to forget how new people see and experience practice for the first time. So I always like to pick the brains of beginners to see how they are doing, find out if this is what they imagined it to be, do they think they’ll continue, etc.


For this batch of beginners in Arena IGA-Ken, I’m lucky that one of them decided (on his own) to detail his first experience at training. So please follow the link below, and compare if his first experience is the same as yours.


Kendo Philippines – My trial experience at IGA Kendo Club


Kendo target areas, or datotsu-bui.

Kendo target areas, or datotsu-bui. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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