Dasma Dojo March Recruitment

IGA KENDO Dasmarinas Recruitment Poster

Discover your inner samurai with us!


Dasmarinas IGA-Kendo Club will be accepting new beginners starting March 2, 2013. Interested applicants are strongly urged to pass by at least once, before March 2,  in order to watch a session, and or participate in a free trial session. Please see the Introductory Course section for more details on how to join the club.

Our Kendo Club conducts classes every Saturday from 10 am til noon at the Dasmarinas Village covered basketball court under the tutelage of Sensei Koji Igarashi.

All those who are interested in joining, please sign up for this event by posting on OR messaging our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/IGAKendoClub

Or you can sign up by emailing Johnny Besa at dyanibee@gmail.com or  igakendoclub@gmail.com

Please let us know when you plan on passing by for a trial session. Thank you.

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