Introducing the Davao Kendo Club!

Davao Kendo Picture


There are those of you from Davao who have been following our club over the years, asking if and when there will be Kendo in your fair city. Our previous answers have always been “no” unfortunately. To all Davao citizens we are pleased to announce that this situation has changed! The Davao Kendo Club has been recently formed, organized under the tutelage of Mr. Philip Kim (3-dan) and the management of Mr. Johnny Teofilo Lardera Jr. We are looking forward to the growth of this club and to future collaborations with them.


If you want to learn more about them, and/or inquire about how to join them, please click on the picture above to be directed to their Facebook Page.


Congratulations to the Davao Kendo Club! Good luck with your endeavors!

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