Gasshuku Reflections Part 3

The 4th IGA Ken Gasshuku was such a memorable event for the participants that many of them have spontaneously written about their experiences and thoughts about it. This is the third of a series of articles showcasing these reflections.

Prince is one of the stalwart members of the UP Kendo Club, and their current Public Relations Officer. He is currently studying to be an engineer, but does not let such a serious pursuit get in the way of having fun. In many ways, he is the class clown, his antics (both intentional and unintentional) leading to laughter from his dojomates. He is serious about his Kendo though, and dearly hopes to be able to test for shodan soon.


Yesterday, I woke up at around noon time. I got out of bed at around 3:30 because my body was still really painful after the Gasshuku. I couldn’t raise my arm, I had bruises and my body hated me but it was all worth it. I still couldn’t believe that we were able to do 2000 suburis. A few months ago, 500 suburis alone would kill me. This was really a huge milestone for me. Kendo makes me really happy. I’ve never smiled so much like how I smile whenever I’m doing kendo. I’ve never felt so happy before when I am doing kendo. Imagine how happy I was during Gasshuku. Because of kendo, I started knowing who I really am and in this sense, started to become someone better than who I was before.

To Koji Igarashi sensei, thank you for constantly teaching us and giving us pointers on how to improve our kendo. A lot of times I make mistakes but I’m glad that you would still continue to teach and help us improve our kendo.

To the new motodachi.. err.. bogu class members, CONGRATULATIONS! You guys did good. I still remember how you guys were when you were still beginners, when we were all still non bogu members. We would see each other lining up at our motodachis. A few months ago, you guys were lining up on me. Now when we see each other during keiko, I won’t be holding back on you guys 

To my sempais, thank you for all the tips, the advice, the teachings, and everything (especially for all the times I hit you wrong and I leave a mark). I wouldn’t be where I am right now. You guys have always been my inspiration to train harder and push myself even more. I’m not sure how to express my gratitude but really I thank you from the bottom of my heart 

To my kouhais, thank you for inspiring me to push myself as well. A lot of you guys say sorry everytime you hit wrong or your hits doesn’t have shibori. But seeing your spirit, motivation and perseverance makes it all worth while.

To Rafael, I know you are the reason why a certain team has a weird name. Thank you for the things you taught me and for being there for me. I really appreciate it. (But yeah, Boo Team Mallari)

To April, thank you for being an ate to me. For giving me hugs and all those kulitan moments we have. I’m really glad I met you. (Still, Boo Team Mallari)

To Angelyn, I’m sorry for all the wrong Do. Thank you for the times that…. you slapped me in the face? Hahahah kidding. Thanks for being there as well when I need you potato.

To Ain, you pretty much know what I would be saying to you. So…‪#‎nongaypenetrationhug

To Ponj, we still have rematch to settle. Namiss na kita sa jigeiko. Thank you! Really glad na batchmate kita sa bogu class 

To Rikki, thank you for helping me improve my kendo. I still remember the time you made me do 750 months ago. As well as for constantly reminding me why I am doing kendo.

To Shinmei you were not there during the 2000 suburis. But I learned a lot everytime we jigeiko. Thank you for the tips and also for the face slaps every now and then.

To Kristopher, we are the IN-TEAM AWU AWU! Thanks for being an awesome sempai. Just like what Paul said, IGA Ken wouldn’t be what it is right now if it wasn’t because of you. I really thought that you were a really strict and scary sempai when I first met you. Then things like shibori and rodic’s happened… hahah…

I still have a lot to do and I still have to train a whole lot more if I want to become a shodan. But I’m sure that with you guys, I’ll get there someday 

Thank you IGA Ken! Let’s LEVEL UP TOGETHER!



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