Gasshuku Reflections Part 6

The 4th IGA Ken Gasshuku was such a memorable event for the participants that many of them have spontaneously written about their experiences and thoughts about it. This is the sixth of a series of articles showcasing these reflections.

Ten is from the Iloilo Kendo Club. Earlier this year, she served as one of our hosts and tour guides of their fair city when we went to visit them. Have to say, our image of Iloilo night life was changed after she took us out! Certainly looking forward to seeing her again in future joint events.

Thank you so much Koji Igarashi sensei for the lessons you have shared with us, and thank you for inviting us to the gasshuku. Those memories will be forever etched in our hearts. Mere words can never fully express all the emotions and gratitude I feel for being able to attend the event. Not only did I learn how to improve myself, but more importantly, I learned about the structure of Kendo which is vital in my growth as a kendoka. DOMO ARIGATO SENSEI!!!! I wish you more power and good health so you can continue to teach more of us in the future.

Thank you very much sir Kristopher Inting for the photos and the videos. These will serve as a guide for us to help us improve our Kendo. Thank you so much for being the liaison, the importance of communication in gathering all those dojos together cannot be overstated. You guys did an awesome job setting up this event. I look forward to future events 

Sir Alain Duminy… I will never forget your pep talk after dinner. 3 commands summarizes all your teachings (attack, finish it, believe)… You were so full of energy the whole 2 days you were actually a beacon of light for us. I never would’ve thought you felt any pain or fatigue during those times. Thank you for encouraging us… no, thank you for EMPOWERING us. Because you were there to lead us, we surpassed our own limitations, both physical and mental. As for me, personally, you made me realize that I have yet to put fire into my spirit. You’ve always emphasized the value of spirit during shiai. I will always remember what you’ve taught us. Thank you very much…. Till we meet again 

To all our friends in IGA Kendo Club , Davao Kendo ClubUP Kendo Club, and Manila Kendo Club. Thank you so much for the fun memories medyo bitin actually… but perhaps it’s better that way… so that we’ll have something to look forward to.  we’ll see each other next year. THEN we’ll have even more fun! hehe… -_^

What dyou think?