UP Ken Training is Now Back!

UP Ken Cover

UP Kendo Club trainings are back! After being forced to stop training due to the Gym renovations, UP Ken is now resuming training.

Schedules are:
Mondays 4-6 PM
Tuesdays 4-6 PM
Wednesday 3-5 PM

Training will be held at the All Purpose Room 2nd floor of the UP Gym. 

So for interested University of the Philippines students, faculty and staff, now is a good time to start learning Kendo! We’ll see you in training!

2 thoughts on “UP Ken Training is Now Back!

    • Hello Bing. I apologize for the late response. Non UP students cannot join with UP Kendo Club because of the rules of university regarding membership of student organizations. However, you can join in the Arena Fitness Dojo, which is located along Quezon Avenue. Please check our Dojo Section on the website for more information about Arena Fitness.

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