IGA Ken Teams Seeded Into Godo Keiko Kai Shiai Finals!


The (STI) Godo Keiko Kai Shiai Elimination Round is over, and the two competing IGA Ken teams have secured spots in the Final Round of the competition! So congratulations to Teams Lady & the Tramps, and Gravity Fox for earning the right to compete in the Finals!

The last matches of the elimination round were held last Monday, Nov 24. Team Lady & the Tramps secured second place in the standings by defeating Team Zero. Team Gravity Fox had to fend off Team Kenshin to assure them of their fourth place in the standings.

Taisho match of Team Lady & the Tramps vs. Team Zero.

The top four seeds for the Finals are as follows:

1st Seed – Team FHM (MKC), Team Wins/Losses 6/1, Individual Wins/Losses 13/5
2nd Seed – Team Lady & the Tramps (IGA Ken), Team Wins/Losses 5/2, Individual Wins/Losses 12/5
3rd Seed – Team Lady Wallaby (MKC), Team Wins/Losses 5/2, Individual Wins/Losses 8/8
4th Seed – Team Gravity Fox (IGA Ken), Team Wins/Losses 4/3, Individual Wins/Losses 9/8

The Final Round will be held in the STI Academic Center Global City Basketball Gym on December 15, 2014 from 8:00pm – 9:30pm. The quarterfinals will pit Team Lady Wallaby against Team Gravity Fox. The winner of the quarterfinal match will then face Team Lady & the Tramps in the semifinal match. Finally the winner of the semifinal, will face Team FHM in the finals.

So congratulations to all the competing teams! Good luck and see you all in STI on Dec 15!

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