Godo Keiko Kai Finals Tonight!

photo careof Kurt Alvarez

photo careof Kurt Alvarez

The Godo Keiko Kai Shiai 2014 Finals are going to be held tonight, Dec 15, 2014, from 8:00pm to 9:30pm in the Basketball Gym of STI Academy, Global City, Taguig.

Eight 3-person teams from both Manila Kendo Club (6 teams) and IGA Kendo Club (2 teams) competed in a round robin format since May. The last elimination round was held Nov 24, where the top four teams were seeded going into the finals. They are:

4th Seed - Team Gravity Fox (IGA Ken)
3rd Seed - Team Lady Wallaby (MKC)
2nd Seed - Team Lady & the Tramps (IGA Ken)
1st Seed - Team FHM (MKC)

For tonight, the first match will be between Gravity Fox and Lady Wallaby. The winner will then face 2nd seeded Lady & the Tramps. Finally, the winner of that match will earn the right to face FHM in the finals.

Based on last year’s results and their standing from this year’s eliminations, defending champions FHM remains the team to beat. The other three teams however are hungry for the championship. Do any of them have what it takes to be able to beat FHM? It remains to be seen.

Good luck to everyone competing tonight!


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