Presenting Void BBQ!

This is the fifth in a series of articles featuring the IGA Ken delegation to the 15th Hong Kong Open. This time we focus on the 3dan & Under Team B.

Void BBQ


“the seasoned swordsmen”

Led by a veteran of the 10th ASEAN Tournament, Team Void BBQ aims to make a good showing in the 15th HK Open. What’s with the name though? Void because all the members can sometimes be caught living in their own private worlds…and as for BBQ? Well, if you’ll check their profiles, you’ll see two lean and one not so lean “meat” – the classic Pinoy BBQ. Kidding aside, they are all certified senpai slayers in IGA Ken tournaments, and they are going to try to extend that trend in the 15th HK Open.

Let us get to know the team members a little bit better.

Senpo – Gerard Kevin B. Cagatan


Age: 24
Started Kendo: March 2013
Current Rank: 1-kyu
Occupation: Electronics Engineer

Short Bio: Violinist. Calligrapher. Engineer. Kendoka.

Chuken – Masayoshi Corpuz


Age: 23
Started kendo: Nov 2013
Current Rank: 1-kyu
Occupation: Sessionist drummer/musician
Short Bio: Masayoshi is a half Japanese half Filipino sessionist drummer and a former part time drum instructor in a music school. He was also in the badminton varsity during his elementary and highschool days.

Taisho – Vince


Age: 24
Started Kendo: July 2011

Current Rank: 1-kyu
Occupation: Student

Bio: Loves chocolates, computer games and Kendo.
Likes to eat, rest, sleep like any normal humans do. Likes to be different from time to time. Believes that will is the key to everything.
“Kendo fits best for me, all my life’s experience is put to use and challanged. Always learning something new from Igarashi-sensei, seniors, and other kendokas.”

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