Good Luck in Japan Angge!

Angge with Sensei

One of our members, Angelyn Mercado (“Angge” to us in the Club), is leaving for Japan for graduate studies. She also hopes to continue practicing Kendo there. So upon coming back once she’s finished with her studies, we look forward to her being a kick-ass kendoka!

We couldn’t let her leave without saying good-bye in a special way of course, so last Saturday (Mar 21) Igarashi-Sensei organized a special tachikiri-geiko session for Angge. She went up against all the bogu class members who showed up, from the mudansha (8 players at 1 minute each), to the shodan and nidan (11 players at 2 minutes each), to finally the sandan (2 players at 3 minutes each), for a total keiko time of 36 minutes.

Suffice it to say she survived our “goodbyes”, and was all the more fired up for her trip because of it. This is her reaction:

This was an awesome experience I will treasure forever – the day I almost died. Lol! But kidding aside, it was great to have the opportunity to have a match with all of you. Throughout the shiai, all I had in mind was to survive this zombie apoca… er… these matches and give everyone a good fight. It’s clear to see that IGA Ken is on the right path. Thank you everyone for everything. 

To my kouhais, thank you for believing in me even if I don’t believe in me myself. Do your best and level up. Take care of your kouhais as well and help IGA Ken grow.

To my sempais, all your hard work and dedication has been an inspiration to me to do everything I can. Thank you for all the support, guidance and advice you gave me throughout my stay in IGA Ken. I’ll do my best to give you all a hell-of-a-fight when I come back.

Lastly, to Sensei, Koji Igarashi, thank you for teaching me your kendo – a very beautiful kendo. My aim when I go to Japan is to find a dojo that has the same principle as IGA Ken. You have taught me so much, from proper hitting, to proper attitude, to proper mindset. And of course, thank you also to Junko-san for always supporting everyone in IGA Ken. 

I will miss you all. You guys surely made it harder to leave. But I’ll be back, and I hope to see you all still doing your best, helping each other out, leveling up together and enjoying kendo.”

— Angelyn “Angge” Mercado

Angge with the guys

So fare thee well Angge! Enjoy your stay in Japan and see you when you get back!

Farewell Angge!

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