1st Quarter Recruitment for 2016!

General Recruitment Poster

Happy New Year Everyone!!! And how better to celebrate 2016 than starting Kendo?

Our three dojo will be accepting new members this 1st quarter. Please check the following schedules for each dojo:

1) Arena Fitness (Quezon City) – Beginners’ Class starts March 5, with Trial Sessions on every Saturday in February.

2) City Club (Makati City) – Can accept beginners on any Wednesday and Sunday starting January 10.

3) Dasma Village (Makati City) – Can accept beginners on any Saturday starting January 9.

For more information on how to join any of the dojo and to register on-line for the classes, please fill out the following Google Form:

If you cannot view the form above, please click on this link.

We look forward to seeing you this 1st Quarter of 2016!


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