Training Cancellation Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Please be informed that the IGA Kendo Club and all constituent dojo (City Club Dojo, Dasma Village Dojo, QC Dojo, and UP Kendo Club) will be ceasing all in-dojo practices and other related activity for the near future. This is due to the Philippine IATF-EID restrictions on sporting activities and events under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and General Community Quarantine (GCQ) conditions. As there is no clear date yet when Metro Manila will be lifted from GCQ status after the ECQ lifting on May 15, the club leadership has decided to take this step for the safety of our members and potential visitors.

The specific policies put in place are as follows:

  1. All in-dojo practices and activities, and out of dojo gatherings/meetings are hereby suspended, pending the lifting of GCQ status in Metro Manila.
  2. Once a clear date for lifting of GCQ status in Metro Manila is announced, the club leadership will convene (remotely) and discuss the strategies for resumption of club practices and activities.
  3. The club leadership is tasked with forming viable alternative activities and learning programs for the continued practice of the club members. These will be conducted remotely in order to maintain social distancing.

Once the club is ready to resume regular training, this will be announced on this page. We would like to thank everyone for their understanding. We would also like to encourage everyone to stay safe and keep healthy. We look forward to seeing you in our dojo once things return to normal.

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