Our 11th Anniversary


As much as the global pandemic has rendered our training halls silent, it has also given us an opportunity for introspection. Like a bamboo, we will only bend, not break.

Today, we just want to say thank you to our senseis, Koji Igarashi, Kristopher Inting, and Loida Estanilla Inting, for all your guidance and instructions; to all our senpai and kouhai for your patience and support, and to all our friends in the United Kendo Federation of the Philippines and other organizations and supporters who have been with us all these years.
On our 11th year, in a world that has a new normal, IGA Kendo Club Philippines will remain resilient, just as each of our kendoka persist in the face of seemingly endless kakari-geiko and ji-geiko back then.
We look forward to the time we can all go back and train and usher in a new era in enjoying Kendo at IGA-Ken. For now, stay safe and healthy. Thank you and see you in the dojo soon!
🎥: Rikki Kun
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