#IGAKenMemories featuring Shinmei Sugawara

Shinmei Sugawara, 3-dan, said Kendo looked challenging and she likes challenges. Thus she took up the sport in 2008 in Kawaguchi City Junior High and continued training in IGA Kendo Club in 2013 when they moved to the Philippines.

This always-smiling Kendoka is a licensed Medical Technologist but continued to challenge herself by pursuing further studies. She’s an incoming 4th year Medicine student at the Our Lady of Fatima University.

When we say always smiling, we mean it literally. It’s actually fascinating to see her move in the dojo, especially if you are her aite (training partner) . With or without bogu, in the middle of uchikomi, or trying out moves during jigeiko, you can always see her bright smiles. In front of food, those smiles get wider, with higher wattage. With that, let’s carry on reading Shinmei’s memories.

I like the second dojo (the eating club! xD) as much as I like the training in IGA KEN. They are my second family here in the Philippines and my tummy is always satisfied whenever I’m with them (≧▽≦).

I like the annual events we have like this Christmas Shiai, where rare pokemons appear (such as myself ever since I went into medicine). Everyone gets to test their selves how much they’ve improved and make new goals.

But of course, this is what I’m looking forward to every after big events. THE EATING PART. Yep. That’s where we get our energy for doing kendo . The games, dancing, singing part are fun as well.

It’s also exciting to make new friends from all over the country and the world! We get visitors from other regions of the Philippines and other countries. We also go to places to practice kendo or for tournaments. There’s always a new encounter in the kendo community and I’m glad I was able to come across IGA ken and also be a member of the club.

The 2nd Philippine National Kendo Tournament. It’s an honor to be able to witness the growth of Philippine Kendo. The kendo community is growing in this country and so much efforts are being put into establishing the kendo organization. I have my hopes high that Philippines will be able to compete in the world kendo tournament soon!! Philippines Fightooo

Have you been with Shinmei in any of these? How about sharing with us your memories too? Message us! We’d love to hear your stories.

Next week, it’s the 8th year club anniversary of the lady behind most of IGA-Ken’s promotional campaigns. Stay tuned and keep safe!

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