#IGAKenMemories featuring Dylan Patricio

Like most people, Dylan Patricio, our bogu class mudansha since 2014, has an affinity for Japanese culture. But unlike most that would take up Kendo because of it, Dylan has another reason to do so – that is to manage his shifts in mood and energy after being medically diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

Through his highs and lows, we are appreciative of his efforts to assist in the club by being one of our dedicated medics, like doing medical supplies run for the club’s first aid kits, patching us up when we get blisters, sharing juice recipes, tips in lowering uric acid level and reducing gout, Kendo articles and general shenanigans with the members off-dojo. Since we’re talking about unforgettable memories, he definitely contributed to IGA-Ken history books during the 2015 Gasshuku (he included that one below!). Even when he had to stop for a medical break, he’s still active in the group by commenting and greeting people.

Dylan goes well along with everyone so let’s trigger some of your memories too with his sharing below.

My first picture wearing my kendogi and hakama and holding my first shinai in 2014.
This is a proud moment for me. It made me feel like a real member of the club and a kendoka with proper uniform.
My first gasshuku and bogu exam!!! Big voice!!! An emotional and challenging moment of my Kendoka life as I tackle the intense shinsa so I could be part of the advanced bogu Class.
Tears of joy! I looked weird here because I cannot contain the happiness when I passed the bogu exam!!! After taking several attempts, I finally advanced to bogu class and even got a medal during the group competition.
Very memorable Iloilo-Ken visit! I was not originally part of this (Sorry Kutch-sensei). But with this experience we shared with Iloilo-Ken, not only did it helped me improve my Kendo, I was also able to share it with a fellow kendoka and enjoy a very good shiai with them.
The calm before the storm, this is my last gasshuku I attended before I collapsed and almost died due to hypokalemia. Thankful for the senpais and fellow kendoka from IGA-Ken and Iloilo-Ken for saving my life.

Kendo Kitty Notes: So while I was prepping this entry, I saw Dylan’s post after he took his bogu exam. I took the liberty of putting it here to so that other club members who have helped him get that achievement get a flashback of those times too.

Full excerpt below.

29 September 2014 – Forgive me for posting this late as I want to make sure that I would be able to properly express everything, hahaha. Words cannot express how I feel about the recently concluded Gasshuku, but I must make effort to put it into writing so that I would be able to properly thank the people who made these things possible. This is my first Gasshuku and the experience was both Challenging and Fun at the same time.

I want to thank the most important person in our Dojo, DOMO ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU Igarashi-Sensei. Thank you for teaching us your way of Kendo and for always reminding us the right way to do it and thank you for inspiring us to Level up and thank you for inspiring us to change our way of thinking. To all the Senpai who never waver in giving advice and never gets tired even if we fail to do proper shibori. I would also like to specifically thanked Rikki-senpai for helping us with our training, thank you senpai for giving us the confidence and the guidance we need to reach our goal. The list of names I have not included here I will make it up to you somehow but I want to assure you that you have my deepest gratitude always and I will sure to pay it forward as well. To all my kouhai, I want to extend my thanks as well, for you have always inspired me to do my best and to always strive hard. I will sure to make myself better in the coming months so that like the rest of the Senpai did to us I will be able to share the joy of Kendo with you. To my teammates INOSHIKACHO funny to think that there are three of us and the three of us took the exam three times, Tamorah and Paul-aniki, OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU! To my bogu Batch mates OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU!

My Bogu Exam or should I say exams had been a fulfilling experience and it will be the first step to reach my goal. It was a rainy, nerve-wracking afternoon, my body aches, but my spirit tells me that I must push myself to the limit and go beyond it, I was called and finished my turn and waiting for the result feels like the longest time in my life it may seem funny and I think I am the first if not one of those Bogu Exam takers who cried after learning that I passed the exam, but I never felt ashamed to cry because those are tears of joy that I want to share to you my Nakama to tell you how happy I am and grateful that I have come to know such great Dojo, Nakama and Kazoku.



— feeling accomplished.

Have you been with Dylan in any of these? How about sharing with us your memories too? Message us! We’d love to hear your stories.

Next week, we will be featuring a multi hyphenated mom and her son, one of our youngest at 4 years when he started!

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