IGA Kendo Club celebrates 14th anniversary with the inaugural Igarashi Cup

The standard mengane or metal grill that protects the face in kendo has a maximum of 14 bars. Amazeballs with your artwork concept Rikki-kun!

14 years!!! Hi, this is kendo kitty, and I’ve been on hiatus from training for a long while, but I just can’t let go of the chance to write something about my home club.

IGA Kendo Club Philippines marked its 14th anniversary with a milestone event, the first annual Igarashi Cup, at the Aero Center Basketball Court in Quezon City on 18 February 2024. This date is doubly special to us as we celebrate the birthday of our dearest pogi-sensei Igarashi Koji and wife Junko-san, who are currently in Japan.

The tournament featured multiple categories, including the fiercely contested Red vs. White Team matches, the teen individual competition, and the intense 3-man team battles. Pleased to share with you the list of winners below:

WINNER: WHITE TEAM (From left to right) Nakagane-sensei, Elgee Kiunisala, Lanzlian Jalandra, Ethan Calvin Sevilla, Eden Walsh, Alexander Sandrino, Inting-sensei. Photo by Ini Roces.


Igarashi Cup 2024 Teens Division. WINNER: Riki Fukushima. Photo by Ini Roces.


Igarashi Cup 2024 3-man Team Division. WINNER: BAD KITTY (From left to right) Nakagane-sensei, Inting-sensei, Johnny Besa, Leon Flores, Aronwins Manuel, Esaki-sensei. Photo by Ini Roces.


Following this new initiative under the stewardship of Kutch Inting-sensei and Loida Inting-sensei, club members headed to an after-tournament party celebration/second dojo at Level Up KTV Billiards. Man, I missed this event too T_T But second dojos have always been a classic opportunity for IGA Ken members to bond and relive the highlights of the day’s events.

On IGA-Ken’s behalf, I’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our senseis, Koji Igarashi (we miss you, sensei! Come visit us soon!), Kutch, Loida, and also to Johnny Besa-senpai and Verns. Your dedication, guidance, and patience in managing our club dojos have been instrumental in shaping the journey of every IGA Ken member.

We also thank our friends in the United Kendo Federation of the Philippines and other local and international Kendo clubs and our supporters, whose support has continued to fuel our drive for Kendo.

And, of course, our sincerest appreciation and thanks to each member who continues to believe in and support our club, whether they might no longer be training with us or to all those who are hitting each other weekly in the dojos. XD

In celebration of our 14th anniversary, we reached out to our members and asked them to share 14 short statements they love about IGA Ken. Here are some of the testimonials that came in:

IGAKEN, a family worth staying.
Martin Bautista

The community but also being able to carry out my dream of practicing swordsmanship.
Sean Diomampo

Whatever happens, kihon.
MhelMichael Magluyan

Kind and dedicated senpais, fun atmosphere, and the best senseis
Aya Nishimori

Only Prince has the audacity to send unflattering photos of Loida-sensei I’m not showing that lol.

IGA Ken, feels like a second home with some of the most inspiring and encouraging people.
Valene Sandrino

My escape from reality, where I find myself at peace.
Rikki kun

Spirit, Discipline, Camaraderie in ONE
Adrian Louise

A family’s journey: from young hearts to seasoned spirits.
Famatiga Family

Gerry said CTTO for this one.

Welcoming to different walking weirdos of life

It’s beyond training, it’s a family. With IGA Ken, you can!
Elijah Allebram

Adrenaline supply on Saturdays 6-9pm
Good for one week only

Yep, this type of convo is one of the things I love and miss in IGA Ken

Happy 14th Anniversary, IGA Ken!♥
Here’s to more years of training, bonding, and shared passion for Kendo!

What dyou think?