We are very happy to announce that our QC Dojo will start accepting beginners this coming Saturday, May 7, 2022. Schedule, venue, and fees are as follows:   Schedule – Saturdays, 6:00pm to 7:30pm Venue – Rim Sports Center , 1706 E Rodriguez Sr. Ave, Cubao, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila (https://goo.gl/maps/oDKX1bmqMmCQEKNe6) Fees – P1,000 Read more about QC DOJO BEGINNERS CLASS STARTS IN MAY[…]

IGA Ken’s 12th Anniversary & Return to Keiko

By Kristopher Inting This weekend marks the 12th Anniversary of IGA Kendo Club. So it seems very fortunate that Feb 12 also marks the club’s return to keiko after nearly two years of not practicing due to the pandemic. We were actually supposed to try reopening last January, but it was pushed back due to Read more about IGA Ken’s 12th Anniversary & Return to Keiko[…]

#IGAKenMemories featuring Red Canoza

#IGAKenMemories featuring Red Canoza, one of the club’s rare pokemons, but the dad version. He’s always game to keiko whenever he has the chance though, with his bogu packed and ready. Let’s see some of the memories he collected in the past decade!

#IGAKenMemories featuring Prince Mallari

When you see Prince in the dojo, it would be hard to take him seriously at first. It could be because of the goofy grin that is on his face most of the time. Or the glassy-eyed stare that he gives you when he’s trying to process what you said. He also tends to be Read more about #IGAKenMemories featuring Prince Mallari[…]

#IGAKenMemories featuring Rafael Javier

Raffy is one of those quiet and unassuming types, so he can be often overlooked when it comes to identifying the “who’s who” in IGA Kendo Club Philippines. However, this 1-dan ranked Kendoka is one of our more senior members, having been with us since March 2012. Even though he doesn’t seek leadership roles, he Read more about #IGAKenMemories featuring Rafael Javier[…]

Happy Birthday Igarashi Sensei & Junko San!

Happy Birthday to Igarashi Sensei & Junko San! While we cannot celebrate it in the usual way this year, we still wish for the Igarashi couple the best for today and for the coming year! In the meantime, let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at our past celebrations. #igakendoclub #pilipinaskendo #kendoPH #kendo Read more about Happy Birthday Igarashi Sensei & Junko San![…]

Continued Cancellation of Practices Under Quarantine Conditions

August is traditionally a period when we take in new students in our various dojo. However, we regret to inform all those interested in joining the club that our general membership has affirmed the decision to remain closed while quarantine conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic are in effect in Metro Manila. In addition, should Read more about Continued Cancellation of Practices Under Quarantine Conditions[…]

Training Cancellation Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Please be informed that the IGA Kendo Club and all constituent dojo (City Club Dojo, Dasma Village Dojo, QC Dojo, and UP Kendo Club) will be ceasing all in-dojo practices and other related activity for the near future. This is due to the Philippine IATF-EID restrictions on sporting activities and events under Enhanced Community Quarantine Read more about Training Cancellation Due to COVID-19 Pandemic[…]