October 23, 2016

Koji Igarashi Sensei

senseiKoji Igarashi is a 5th Dan kendoka born in Tokyo, Japan. He has been a kendo practitioner since he was 13 years old under the tutelage of Suzuku Ikuo-sensei (8th Dan) at Chushinkan Dojo. He was inspired to continue kendo by his sempai (Takahashi
Kiyoshi). He always dreamed of creating his own dojo and teaching the way of the sword outside his homeland.

When Igarashi-sensei got married and had kids, he and his family moved to Saitama Prefecture. A job opportunity came where he was sent to the Philippines for business trips. He heard that
there was a kendo club in the country and started practicing there. However, when he had the chance to live in the Philippines (Makati City), he decided to start a small kendo club for kids. With the help of his wife, Igarashi Junko, Herald Kendo Club or Hera-Ken was established.

The opportunity to expand the club and extend the audience to older people came when Igarashi-sensei was acquainted with a Filipino kendoka (Kristopher Inting a.k.a. Kutch). Together, they built a club
for students of the University of the Philippines, Diliman and other kendo enthusiasts in the Metro. As a result, IGA KENDO CLUB was born (2010).

His motto: Enjoy kendo!