University of the Philippines CHK Organization Week!

For those looking to join the UP Kendo Club: Come visit us at the CHK Org Week! ORG WEEK NA! Meet our college-based organizations this week at the CHK Parking lot! Malay mo mahanap mo na yung “The One” na org for you!!! (For more details, please contact the UP Kendo Club via the link Read more about University of the Philippines CHK Organization Week![…]

Launching the New IGA-Ken Website!

We are proud to announce the soft launch of the new and improved IGA Kendo Club website! This has been a labor of love involving the efforts of multiple members. So a big shout out to Ain, Angge, Wayne, Wely, Majen and Ronin for helping to put this up. Please visit the new site here: Read more about Launching the New IGA-Ken Website![…]