2nd Hera-Ken and IGA-Ken Tournament Results!

Hi Guys!

Congratulations to everyone from IGA Kendo Club and Herald Kendo Club! We all had a nice tournament yesterday, and I think it goes without saying that it was such a smashing success! :D

Full results will be posted on a later date, along with pictures and videos of the event. But we would like to congratulate our champions:

Hera-Ken Kihon Nobu – Ms. Riko

Hera-Ken Bogu Class – Mr. Inoue Yuta

IGA-Ken Ladies’ Division – Ms. Dardsie Abriol-Santos

IGA-Ken Men’s Division – Mr. Fort Liu

Just as a teaser, I posted a new picture on the homepage of the website. One of the fun pictures from the event.


Pinoy Kendoka

Update (May 8, 2011) – First batch of videos up, please check them out in the videos section. Pre tournament videos up to the A Class matches for now.

Update 2 (May 20, 2011) – Second batch of videos up, in the videos section of course. =P Added the Hera-Ken Matches.