IGA Kendo Club In A Godo-Keiko (Friendly Keiko)

Happy New Year everyone! A very exciting opportunity opened up for IGA Kendo Club this 2013. We have been invited to participate in a Godo-Keiko, or friendly keiko, which was set up by the Sensei and members of the Manila Kendo Club. This has been dubbed the Treston Keiko Kai, and is open to all interested kendoka who are at bogu level. This is in an effort to start building stronger ties between our Clubs. Details are as follows:

Schedule – Every Monday (starting January 7), 7:00-8:00pm

Payment per practice – P100 per head

Minimum requirement to join – Bogu class level

Venue – Treston International College, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (right across Market Market and beside the International School)

Iga Kendo Map to Treston

Map to Treston

IGA Kendo Club would like to encourage the bogu class students to attend this godo-keiko. It will give you the good experience of being able to attend a different dojo, and also practice with higher level Sensei and Senpai. This kind of training will be sure to increase the level of your Kendo faster. For non-bogu students, this will also be a good opportunity to do Mitori-Geiko, or learn by watching.

Just some reminders if you do plan to attend:

  1. This is a “friendly get together” of kendoka, but always be aware that you are representing your club. This is not training in your home dojo, so please be respectful and on your best behavior.
  2. There is only one hour to practice, so you SHOULD be on time if you want to practice. You should already be in the venue and changed into kendogi and hakama by 7pm. Again, this is not your home dojo, so please be respectful of the time considerations.

This is a very good keiko opportunity for all of us, and the start of greater things for Philippine Kendo.

As Johnny Besa, one of our Club Managers, said:

“We look forward to more collaborative training and sharing. A happy, wonderful, refreshed, and renewed New Year to all!”

Iga Kendo at Treston4

“For everyone’s info, last night was a sight to see. No warmups or basics, all business. A great start for the future of Philippine kendo. You shoulda been there.” ~ Johnny Besa (Club Manager)

Iga Kendo at Treston2

“We had a nice GODO GEIKO last night. Let’s Enjoy Philippine KENDO !!!! Enjoy IGA-KEN !!! Thank you !!!!” ~ Igarashi Sensei

Iga Kendo at Treston3

“Great experience for the first Godo Geiko. It was really good to be able to have keiko with old and new Kendo friends. Let us help each other improve our Kendo level. See you guys next Monday!” ~ Kristopher Inting (Club Manager)

Thanks to Johnny Besa for the photos! Thanks to Kristopher Inting for the text!

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