Schedule Note for March 9, 2013

By Kristopher Inting

For those who are planning to join the March Beginners’ Class in Arena IGA-Ken, please be informed that there will be no practice in Arena on March 9, 2013. This is due to the Hong Kong trip of most of the senior members that weekend. In lieu of regular practice, a joint practice will be held in Dasma IGA-Ken that day, from 10am-1pm. Everyone from Arena is encouraged to go to that practice. If you cannot go there, that’s okay also, we will just see you on the 16th then.

For a map to the Dasma IGA-Ken Dojo, please refer to this page. You can also contact Mr. Johnny Besa, the Club Manager there, for particulars on how to get there, via

Thank you for your cooperation, and hope you have a good practice day then! 🙂

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