IGA KEN delegation to the

13th Hong Kong Asian Open Kendo Championships!

We are so proud of you!

Good Luck

WHAT: 13th Hong Kong Asian Open Kendo Championships

WHEN: 8 – 10 March 2013

WHERE: Tin Shui Wai Sports Centre, New Territories

8th March,  Dan examination
9th March, Women’s group match (3persons) and  Men’s group match (3persons , under 3Dan)
10th March, Men’s group match (5persons)


Dan exams, MARCH 8, FRIDAY

Shodan (1-dan) Candidates:

Dardsie Abriol-Santos

Ejay Angeles

Lex Busto

Fort Liu

Rikki Daniel Reyes

Jomar Romero

Nidan (2-dan) Candidate:

Neil Andrew Bascos

Sandan (3-dan) Candidates:

Alain Duminy

Loida Estanilla-Inting

Kutch Inting

Nakagane Ryosuke

Competition Team line-up, MARCH 9, SATURDAY

3-Dan and Under Men’s Event:

Sempo – Jomar Romero

Chuken – Fort Liu

Taisho – Rikki Daniel Reyes

Women’s Open Event:

Sempo – Lex Busto

Chuken – Ejay Angeles

Taisho – Loida Estanilla-Inting

Alternate – Dardsie Abriol-Santos

Competition Team line-up, MARCH 10, SUNDAY

Men’s Open Event:

Sempo – Alain Duminy

Jiho – Neil Andrew Bascos

Chuken – Kutch Inting

Fukusho – Nakagane Ryosuke

Taisho – Igarashi Koji


Two thumbs up

EVENT Organizer: Hong Kong Kendo Association

For more details:


We are so proud of all of you, not just for competing, but also for showing your Club what it means to strive to be better, to be the best you can be.

Each one of you is already a winner for taking part in the 13th Hong Kong Asian Open Kendo Championships!!!!

Congratulations and don’t forget to have lots of fun!

Your Club back in the Philippines  will be cheering you on! Go Team!


“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”― Babe Ruth

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work

the more I have of it”― Thomas Jefferson

“My attitude is that if you push me towards

something that you think is a weakness,

then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.” – Michael Jordan

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” – Wayne Gretzky

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