Schedule for March 30, 2013

The practice for Black Saturday, March 30, 2013, will be a special one, as both Arena Fitness and the Dasma Village Gym will be closed that day.

Practice for this day will be a joint practice of both Arena and Dasma Dojo, and will be held in Dumlao Gym (along Shaw Boulevard), from 10am-12nn. Please check the map below:

To get there via car or taxi, drive along EDSA then turn at Shaw Boulevard in the direction going to Kalentong/Manila. Once you get past the Honda showroom (on the right), start looking left. You should see a dilapidated Flying V station, Dumlao is just behind it. Be aware though that parking there can be tough. We would suggest carpooling or “taxipooling”.

To get there via public transport, make your way via EDSA (either bus or MRT) to Shaw Boulevard. Go to Star Mall, there should be a jeepney station there. Ride a jeep going to Kalentong, or ask the barkers which one passes by Dumlao. Get down at Dumlao.

This practice is ultimately an optional one for all regular members and beginners, but we hope to see you there. Also those who still want to join the March beginners’ class of the Arena Dojo, this will be your last opportunity to go and sign up for it. Regardless, for all those who are going to this practice please try to be early, as we only have a limited amount of time for this. Thank you very much.

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