IGA-Kendo Club in the 10th ASEAN Kendo Tournament!

Last August 23-25, 2013, the IGA-Kendo Club sent representatives to be part of the Philippine Delegation to the 10th ASEAN Kendo Tournament (AKT) that was held in Penang, Malaysia. This marked the return of the Philippines to this event after a 12 year hiatus.


IGA-Ken sent the following to compete: Kristopher Inting (co-delegation manager and Men’s Team B Taisho), Neil Andrew Bascos (Men’s Team B Fukusho), Ricky Daniel Reyes (Men’s Team B Senpo), Joshua Romeo Espiritu (Men’s Team B Jiho), Jan Rafael Javier (Men’s Team B Chuken), Vincenzo Hernandez (Men’s Team A Fukusho), Loida Estanilla-Inting (Women’s Team Taisho), Ethyl Jane Angeles (Women’s Team Fukusho), Maria Bianca Abriol-Santos (Women’s Team Chuken), Blesylda Tatad Busto (Women’s Team Jiho), and Isak Isobel Empeno.


The first day of the event was for the dan-grading exam and a bogu making seminar. Mr Inting successfully passed his sandan test on this day.


The actual tournament was held over two days, Aug. 24-25, and was divided into Men’s Individual, Men’s Team, Women’s Individual & Women’s Team events. For the Men’s Individual, in spite of a valiant effort by all players, no one was able to get past the elimination rounds.

For the Women’s Team event, they drew against Vietnam B and won against Thailand B, but this was not enough to get them past the elimination rounds.

In the Women’s Individual event, Ms Empeno managed to sneak past the first round of eliminations, but eventually bowed out during the second round. In the Men’s Team event, the Men’s Team B lost to ASEAN powerhouses Indonesia A and Thailand A.


Though this seems like a dismal record, the IGA-Ken squad did make some small waves. Ms Estanilla-Inting bagged a Fighting Spirit award (given to outstanding performances) for the Women’s Team event. Mr Inting added a touch of drama to the event when he fainted after completing a hard fought match against the Thailand Taisho. They may be small ripples for now, but hopefully this will turn into bigger waves in time for the next international tournament.


All in all it was a good experience. It was a chance for the IGA-Ken members to compete with their ASEAN neighbors, make new Kendo friends, and learn new lessons. This is something that the delegates hope to have again in the 11th AKT to be held in Thailand some time in 2016. So see you there!


10th AKT Women’s Team Matches – Vietnam B vs Philippines

1) Senpo Match - P. Truc Vu Nguyen (VIE 24, White) vs Peachie Garcia (PHI 14, Red)

2) Jiho Match - Quynh Vy Tran (VIE 23, White) vs Lex Busto (PHI 18, Red)

3) Chuken Match - T. Ngoc Van Tran (VIE 24, White) vs Dardsie Abriol-Santos (PHI 16, Red)

4) Fukusho Match - Phuong Ha Tran (VIE 22, White) vs Ejay Angeles (PHI 17, Red)

5) Taisho Match - V. Quynh Vy Tran (VIE 26, White) vs Loida Estanilla-Inting (PHI 12, Red)

10th AKT Women’s Team Matches – Thailand B vs Philippines

1) Jiho Match - Usa Pittayayon (THA 20, Red) vs Lex Busto (PHI 18, White)

2) Chuken Match - Fonthip Chongprawatsakul (THA 19, Red) vs Dardsie Abriol-Santos (PHI 16, White), Part 1, Part 2

3) Fukusho Match - Pornthip Kiatwonghong (THA 23, Red) vs Ejay Angeles (PHI 17, White), Part 1, Part 2

4) Taisho Match – Pailynn Jucksriporn (THA 22, Red) vs Loida Estanilla-Inting (PHI 12, White)

10th AKT Men’s Team Matches – Indonesia A vs Philippines B

1) Senpo Match – Jesta Ghandama (INA 3, White) vs Rikki Reyes (PHI 8, Red)

2) Jiho Match – Pandu Tresnalaga (INA 4, White) vs Josh Espiritu (PHI 10, Red)

3) Chuken Match – Novan Chen (INA 5, White) vs Raffy Javier (PHI 9, Red)

4) Fukusho Match – Tesar Pradita (INA 7, White) vs Neil Bascos (PHI 7, Red)

5) Taisho Match - Marcel Oesman (INA 2, White) vs Kutch Inting (PHI 2, Red)

10th AKT Men’s Team Matches – Thailand A vs Philippines B

1) Senpo Match – Chaiyanan Kulchasit (THA 5, White) vs Rikki Reyes (PHI 8, Red)

2) Jiho Match – Thitsadee Ngernsukphaiboon (THA 4, White) vs Josh Espiritu (PHI 10, Red)

3) Chuken Match – Chutimai Meyer (THA 3, White) vs Raffy Javier (PHI 9, Red)

4) Fukusho Match – Vichai Thiramano (THA 2, White) vs Neil Bascos (PHI 7, Red)

5) Taisho Match – Chaiwat Kulchasit (THA 1, White) vs Kutch Inting (PHI 2, Red)

10th AKT Women’s Individuals

1) Ejay Angeles (PHI 17, Red) vs. Fonthip Chongprawatsakul (THA 19, White)

2) Ejay Angeles (PHI 17, White) vs Paramita Hapsari (INA 22, Red)

3) Dardsie Abriol-Santos (PHI 16, Red) vs Phraewdow Chatamra (THA 17, White)

4) Dardsie Abriol-Santos (PHI 16, Red) vs B. Hoang Anh Nguyen (VIE 16, White)

10th AKT Men’s Individuals

1) Kutch Inting (PHI 2, Red) vs Joon Chin Tham (MAS 11, White)

2) Rikki Reyes (PHI 8, Red) vs Dax Quah (SIN 7, White)

3) Rikki Reyes (PHI 8, White) vs Pui Voo Leong (MAS 10, Red)

4) Vince Hernandez (PHI 11, Red) vs Oliver Ng (SIN 6, White)

5) Vince Hernandez (PHI 11, White) vs Yean Han (BRU 1, Red), Part 1, Part 2

Tournament Photos

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