Rurouni Kenshin Ticket Winner!

Promotional photo of the Rurouni Kenshin sequel.

If there is anything from J-Pop culture that fanned the interest in Kendo and Japanese swordsmanship here in the Philippines, you would be hard pressed to find an answer other than the anime Rurouni Kenshin (locally known as Samurai X). When it first aired in the late 90’s, it captured the imagination of an entire generation of anime viewers. Practically all the 20 year olds in IGA-Ken will readily cite this series as one of the reasons for taking up Kendo. It is easy to imagine why so much interest and excitement was generated by the live action movies, the first of which came out two years ago, and the sequels showing later this month and in September/October locally.

Fans are really excited that some of the movie’s principal actors are coming over to promote the film and grace the premier night. Many of our members joined the various contests that would allow them the chance to win the much sought after premiere tickets. And as is turns out, one of us was indeed lucky enough to win two tickets!

Taken from the SMCinema FB Page.

Taken from the SMCinema FB Page.

So congratulations on winning those tickets Jomar! And before anyone asks, he already has a date for this (should have anyway 😛 ), so everyone else is out of luck regarding watching the premiere. The rest of us will just have to patiently wait for the regular screening.

So have fun Jomar! Hope you get some face time with the stars, and maybe even challenge them to a shiai! And most of all…NO SPOILERS!

UPDATE: It was just brought to our attention that Jomar only won passes for the red carpet procession, and not to the movie premiere itself. We apologize for any misunderstanding and confusion that may have resulted from the body of the article.

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