IGA Ken at City Club

Recruitment Poster

Recruitment Poster c/o Alphaland City Club Management

Kendo classes have now started in Alphaland City Club! As previously announced, IGA Ken has partnered with the management of Alphaland to offer classes in their facility.

IGA Ken Training Pool for Hong Kong 2015

IGA Ken Training Pool for Hong Kong 2015

Practice started in Dec 7, where the Hong Kong Open 2015 bound IGA Ken Team used the opportunity to introduce Kendo to City Club. Here is a sample of some of the training they did:

So if you want to join this new dojo in Makati City, please do not hesitate to contact the Alpha City Club Management for your inquiries!

Sports and Recreation Desk: 737-0000 loc 107
email: sportsandrec@cityclub.com.ph

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