The Official IGA Ken Delegation to the 15th Hong Kong Asian Open Kendo Championships!

Delegation Picture


To welcome in the year 2015, let us introduce to you the official IGA Ken Delegation to the 15th Hong Kong Asian Kendo Open! Our delegates will be in Hong Kong from Feb 27 to Mar 1 to take the dan-rank promotional exams and to compete in the various divisions of the tournament. Of special note is that our Women’s Team will seek to defend their 2nd place finish from the 14th Open, while our Men’s 3dan & Under Team will seek to break into the quarterfinals of their division.

The following are the official IGA Ken Team Line Ups:

Delegation Head Coach/Leader – Igarashi Koji

Delegation Manager – Kristopher Inting

Men’s 3Dan and Under –

Team A
Jomar Paul Romero – Senpo
Joshua Romeo Espiritu – Chuken
Ricky Daniel Reyes – Taisho

Team B
Gerard Kevin Cagatan – Senpo
Ferdinand Masayoshi Corpuz – Chuken
Adriel Vincenzo Hernandez – Taisho

Team C
Prince Tuble Mallari – Senpo
Juan Angelo Besa – Chuken
Jose Roberto Marco Yaptinchay – Taisho

Women’s Open

Team A
Shinmei Sugawara – Senpo
Ethyl Jane Aries Angeles – Chuken
Loida Estanilla Inting – Taisho

Team B
Marie Angelyn Mercado – Senpo
April Rose Enerio – Chuken
Maria Bianca Abriol-Santos – Taisho

Team C
Maria Erica Abriol-Santos – Senpo
Verna Lynn Chiongbian – Taisho

Men’s Open Team

Jan Rafael Javier – Senpo
Lyndon Joseph Nolasco – Jiho
Dane Pio de Roda – Chuken
Franco Carlos Liu – Fukusho
Kristopher Inting – Taisho

Stay tuned for upcoming articles to learn more about our teams and delegation members.



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