Presenting the Delegation Leaders!

This is the last of a series of articles featuring the IGA Ken delegation to the 15th Hong Kong Open. This time we focus on leadership of the IGA Ken Delegation.



IGA Ken Kamon

These are the people working behind the scenes to make sure that the IGA Ken players and dan exam candidates are ready to do their best in Hong Kong. The effort they spent in making sure that their charges are prepared to face the challenges in the Open just shows that for them this is a labor of love.

They only have one thing left to say to their students. That it’s:

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Delegation Leader/Head Coach – Igarashi Koji


He is the heart and soul of IGA Ken. Having nurtured the Kendo careers of most of the students participating in the HK Open from the ground up, he is justifiably proud of what his students have accomplished in the five years the Club has been in existence. He is looking forward to imparting his wisdom and knowledge in Kendo to the future batch of students of IGA Ken, while having the confidence that the current batch is ready to help him teach.

Delegation Manager – Kristopher Inting


If Igarashi-Sensei is the heart and soul of IGA Ken, Kutch would certainly be considered the brains of the Club. He is ceaselessly working to make sure that the Club and all the activities they join or organize are running smoothly. It has been a lot of on the job training for him for the most part, but he honestly enjoys what he does. He sees it as his mission to help spread Kendo throughout the Philippines, with IGA Ken being a good start.

Assistant Delegation Manager – Loida Estanilla-Inting


The Woman Behind the Scenes, she makes sure that her husband Kutch stays on the right track when running things in the Club. Her innate sense of organization (or obsessive compulsivenes, take your pick) is a very good guide in ensuring that things stay on track. Many of the procedures that IGA Ken operates under are either her ideas or insprired by them.

We Would Also Like To Thank:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following for their help and support.

Thanks to Mister Donut Philippines, for your generous contribution to our delegation.

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Thanks also to Alphaland City Club, for being generous enough to allow our delegation to train in your premises with a substantial discount.


Finally we would like to thank the other members of the Club. With your support, we know that we can succeed in the tourney!

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