Arena Dojo July Trial Sessions

Arena Trial Session Photo

The Arena Fitness Dojo will be welcoming once again those who are interested in taking up Kendo! We will be starting a new Beginners’ Class on Aug 5, 2017. In preparation for this class, we are asking all prospective beginners to attend one Trial Session that we will be holding all Saturdays of July, from 2pm – 4pm. This is so that you can experience for yourself what Kendo training is like before you commit to joining the Beginners’ Class. All those who will attend a Trial Session will have priority to join the Beginners’ Class.

Please go to our Facebook Page, and look for the various Arena July Trial Session Event Pages to sign up on your preferred date to attend one. We can only accept between 20-25 participants per session, so being one of the first to sign up for a particular Saturday in July will ensure you a slot for that session. If you do not have Facebook, please register by messaging us directly by either commenting here, or emailing us at .

Please note the following if you will attend a Trial Session:

1) Please be at the venue at least 15 minutes before 2pm (check the event description for the map). The session itself will be from 2-4pm, though it may extend after 4pm depending on the circumstances on the day.
2) Please bring a set of workout or sports clothes to train in. No need for shoes.
3) Please bring drinks, or be prepared to buy drinks at the venue.
4) Equipment (in the form of shinai) will be provided.
5) If you can, please feel free to stay after the Trial Session in order to watch the Advanced Class practice. This is so that you can see what you are eventually aiming for in terms of training.

We look forward to seeing you all this July!

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