#KidsKendoIt3 Your Out-of-the-Box Summer Activity

IGA Kendo Club Philippines is proud to announce its third installment of the #KidsKendoIt summer program offered in our two dojo in Makati City. It’s an 8-session program designed to accommodate kids age 5 and up – as in including teenagers, young adults, parents/guardians. This doubly serve as a bonding activity with the siblings/parents/guardians during the school break.

Here are the reasons why you should consider Kendo as a summer activity for your kids, and for them to maybe continue even beyond the vacation time: Why Kendo is Good for Your Child

And as for the adults who want to take a shot in Kendo? Maybe it’s time for you to start! IGA-Ken FAQs

To register into the program, click here: #KidsKendoIt3 Registration


4PM-6PM All Sundays from May 20 to July 8


10AM-12PM All Saturdays from May 26 to July 14

Note: Program fee is exclusive of equipment. You may rent the bamboo sword for 8 sessions at Php 1,000 or buy a new one for your personal use at Php 2,500.

You are always welcome to see what Kendo training in our club looks like. Just drop by at our City Club Dojo or Dasma Dojo where we’ll be offering the summer classes starting this May.

See you at the dojo and let’s enjoy Kendo!

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