#IGAKenMemories featuring Rikki Daniel Reyes

This week, let’s go down the memory lane of Rikki Daniel Reyes, Rikki-kun for many, the man behind most of the promotional materials of IGA Kendo Club Philippines. Whether it’s a poster, a video or a full-blown DIY publicity campaign of the club, just throw concepts and copies in his way, and he’ll render it visually.

Just this June, Rikki, 2-dan, marked 11 years since he began training his childhood dream sport – Kendo. When he was a kid, his interest in the sport was cultivated by frequently watching TV shows that showcased Japanese culture. As he grew up, he continued to become an enthusiast of both swords and the Japanese pop  culture. 

Check out the images that evoke the most memorable Kendo experiences from Rikki, current Art Director for Grab Philippines.

December 2, 2018 – IGA-Ken Christmas Shiai – This was my first (and final) match on that tournament. I was against my senpai, Nakagane-san (4-dan at that time). I lost but I did my best. I think I did the best I can to fight him. With the score of 1-0, he won. But I’m happy, REALLY HAPPY!! because right after our match, our visitor, Fukuda-sensei (7-dan kyoshi) went to me and said “very nice shiai*, and a very great tsuki*… nice timing….” Sensei noticed me. It’s one of my happiest moments in Kendo.

When jigeiko* started, he saw me doing jodan*. he went to me again and gave me some tips for katate-kote*. After seiretsu*, he called me and taught me some jodan tips and techniques personally. I am thankful, super thankful that a 7th dan sensei noticed me.

*Shiai – Kendo match | *Tsuki – a thrust to the throat, one of the five targets in Kendo | *Jigeiko – sparring | *Jodan – a type of Kendo stance | *Katate-kote – using 1 hand to execute the waza. |*Seiretsu – line up

September 2018 – One of the coolest memories in Kendo is passing your knowledge to the younger generation, I don’t actually remember her name (there’s a lot of trial attendees on this event) but for a day, I get to share my passion to the kids that may become a Kendo enthusiast one day in the future. This photo was taken in our demonstration at the History of Budo event held in the Philippine National Museum of Fine Arts, together with the Japan Foundation Manila.

March 2013 – How could I forget this day? This is the day IGA Kendo Club had its first batch of 1-dan since it was established. We had a perfect 6/6 passing rate in our first dan shinsa abroad. I was happy to say that I am one of the six members of Team YUME to make my sensei’s dream come true – to produce a dan-ranked Kendoka from our own small dojo (yeah we were a small dojo back then).

May 2016 – This image is when we had a shoot for our publicity materials back in 2016. This was an awesome shot of me being one of the poster boys of the club (lol) – but seriously, this is one hell of an image, the lighting, the mood, etc. I’m usually on the other end of a production / shoot managing the talents / models / the production staff, even the photographer (since it is my work as an art director) but it’s a good experience to be on the other side where the art director is the model to be photographed.

First batch photo, months before IGA-Ken was officially formed. This was the time when we were sharing just two (2) bogu sets. YES! (you read that right… 2) We just have 2 extra bogu set before so we used to draw lots every Saturday who will wear the bogu that training day. All shinais were also loaned every training day. The early beginnings of the club before we had our own kendo uniforms and kendogu. happy days… good times.

Have you been with Rikki in any of these? How about sharing with us your memories too? Message us! We’d love to hear your stories.

Next week, we’re going to hear from the always-smiling kendoka, with wiggly toes and fast kaeshi-do. Stay tuned and keep safe!

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