The IGA-Ken #YouKenDoIt Challenge Yourself Campaign

by Kristopher Inting Earlier this year, the QC Dojo moved to a new home in the 3rd Fitness Lab. We are very excited with the new venue, so much so that we are announcing our first series of trial sessions and Beginner’s Class there with a bang! If you have been visiting our social media Read more about The IGA-Ken #YouKenDoIt Challenge Yourself Campaign[…]

University of the Philippines CHK Organization Week!

For those looking to join the UP Kendo Club: Come visit us at the CHK Org Week! ORG WEEK NA! Meet our college-based organizations this week at the CHK Parking lot! Malay mo mahanap mo na yung “The One” na org for you!!! (For more details, please contact the UP Kendo Club via the link Read more about University of the Philippines CHK Organization Week![…]

Introducing the Davao Kendo Club!

  There are those of you from Davao who have been following our club over the years, asking if and when there will be Kendo in your fair city. Our previous answers have always been “no” unfortunately. To all Davao citizens we are pleased to announce that this situation has changed! The Davao Kendo Club Read more about Introducing the Davao Kendo Club![…]