Rurouni Kenshin Ticket Winner!

If there is anything from J-Pop culture that fanned the interest in Kendo and Japanese swordsmanship here in the Philippines, you would be hard pressed to find an answer other than the anime Rurouni Kenshin (locally known as Samurai X). When it first aired in the late 90’s, it captured the imagination of an entire Read more about Rurouni Kenshin Ticket Winner![…]

Rurouni Kenshin Movie Date

by Kristopher Inting Last Friday, December 7, a platoon of black clad warriors wearing the colors of Clan IGA, and their allies, trooped to the Mega Market of Sy, on a mission. To relive and experience anew living, and fighting, in early Meiji Period Japan, through the characters of a Manga series, created by Nobuhiro Read more about Rurouni Kenshin Movie Date[…]